Can Islam learn from the legacy of Martin Luther King jr.?

  • Nahid Aslam Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh




In October – November 2008, Concept, in collaboration with Queen Margaret University and Moray House School of Education, and with funding from the Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, organised a series of ‘critical ‘race’ dialogue’ workshops.


2008 was also the 40

2008 was also the 40

th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, and one debate emerged about whether his methods could be appropriately adopted by those tackling Islamophobia. Nahid Aslam, a Scottish Muslim active in a range of anti-racist, anti-Islamophobic and other social justice campaigns reflects on some of her research which was inspired by these discussions, and suggests that there is a wealth of resources for non-violent resistance within Islam, albeit not well known to Muslims

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