Learning environmental activism through social networking sites?

  • Akiko Hemmi
  • Jim Crowther Dr


Environmental movements, like a number of other movements, are increasingly using social networking sites (SNS) to recruit new members, to fundraise, to promote their causes and to facilitate their campaigning activity. SNS therefore enable social movement organisations to engage with a wider body of supporters, and may lead supporters to expect greater involvement in setting policy in this new public sphere or to reuse materials in unexpected ways. Are social networking sites changing the nature of the relationship between social movement organisations and their supporters and are we seeing the emergence of a new public sphere of activism?
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Hemmi, A. and Crowther, J. (2013) “Learning environmental activism through social networking sites?”, Concept, 4(1), p. 7. Available at: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/article/view/2355 (Accessed: 25November2020).