Development Trusts: 'Community empowerment' or 'devolving the axe'?

  • Will Golding Student MSc in Community Education 2011/12 Institute of Education, Community and Society University of Edinburgh



The significant and controlling effect of global forces on local communities has been exposed, first through the decimation of traditional industries in Britain, and now through the decimation of Britain's economic system. The result in Scotland will be long-lasting with severe cuts to public services and the consequent dismantling and changing of the role, social purpose and professional identity of community work.


The winter 2011 Concept Journal highlighted diverse locations of struggle and forms of resistance against or in response to this. In this current context there are different emerging actions and formations that are attempting to move 'from opposition to proposition'. Fraser (2011), for example, discussing the current dilemmas and contest around community engagement within this context, is concerned by the official political support for Development Trusts as a potential vehicle for facilitating the Tory cuts agenda.

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