All Due Respect

  • Evelyn Gillan Bicentennial Education Fellow, Education, Community and Society, University of Edinburgh


Since it was launched in Edinburgh in 1992, Zero Tolerance has had a major impact in pushing the issue of violence against women and children to the forefront  of  the  public  and  political agenda.   In the last four   years the Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust has produced over a hundred public education campaigns for use locally throughout the UK. A cursory examination of the key  policy  documents produced in the same period confirms that Zero Tolerance has played a significant role in influencing policy at both national and local level. The campaign has inspired public education initiatives throughout the world. Campaign material has appeared in New York and South Australia. A community activist from Kenya recently told staff at the Trust's office in Edinburgh "Zero Tolerance has transformed women's lives in Kenya". The campaign's iconoclastic status was assured when it appeared in Irvine Welsh's novel Marabou Stork Nightmares (1999)
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