Plusone Mentoring, YMCA Kirkcaldy: Sharing Practice

  • Bernadette Barry Independent Practitioner,
  • Easton Liz General Secretary, YMCA Kirkcaldy
  • Marc Forrester Programme Manager, Plusone,
  • Linda Pearse Programme Manager, Plusone


This is a discussion paper about the work of Plusone Mentoring, YMCA Kirkcaldy, which focuses on the successful key elements of the practice approach.  The authors suggest that their review processes have contributed to the development of a community of practice, the sharing of professional knowledge and the enhancement of practice. 

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Barry, B., Liz, E., Forrester, M. and Pearse, L. (2015) “Plusone Mentoring, YMCA Kirkcaldy: Sharing Practice”, Concept, 6(2), p. 9. Available at: (Accessed: 10July2020).