Our Conversations - Where Are We Now In Our Lives?

  • Bernadette Barry Independent Practitioner
  • Sheila McCallum Retired
  • Fraser Patrick Community Learning Consultant


This article is about a series of conversations between three colleagues, previously significantly involved in community education practice and is the influences of their experiences, values and beliefs when encountering leaving full-time employment.  The paper, which has been developed from transcripts of these dialogue sessions, contains some extracts and views from each of the participants about life and work, and suggests a re-visioning of retirement.

Author Biography

Bernadette Barry, Independent Practitioner


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Barry, B., McCallum, S. and Patrick, F. (2014) “Our Conversations - Where Are We Now In Our Lives?”, Concept, 5(2), p. 11. Available at: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/article/view/2433 (Accessed: 5December2020).