What have I become?

  • Anne O'Donnell


This morning, I refused to hold the heavy front door for a frail neighbour who was struggling to open it. In fact, I walked away from him and let him carry on unaided. When I check Facebook, I tut tut at my friends for drinking too much and frown at their photos of 50 mile cycles. Not sure that’s really what we’re supposed to be doing! On my walk, I swerve to avoid coming within 6 metres of a fellow pedestrian, who is already observing the 2 metres’ distance.
Unhelpful, judgemental, afraid of the physical presence of other human beings. Is this what I’ve become?
I announced I was working from home on 12 March, well before the official lock down on 23 March. I went into the office to grab stationary and personal belongings on the 13th and stuck a notice up saying we were temporarily shut and giving my contact details. I forgot to clear out the fridge and I left our beloved spider plant to fend for itself in the fusty air of the overheated room. I suppose I thought it would only be three weeks. Like a longer than usual Christmas break. I don’t really remember - who knows what I was thinking back then.

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Anne O'Donnell

LEARN Co-ordinator, CAPS Independent Advocacy

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