How to help the 'vulnerable'

  • George Lamb
Keywords: Virus, disability rights, vulnerable


This article is based on a Facebook post written in the context of the nationwide appeal for volunteers to support vulnerable people in the community.
People, can I just offer a word of caution! Firstly, let me say that I am very much one of the 'vulnerable': disabled from birth and had more than my share of loss of independence due to fighting a rear-guard action against all my health issues.
My word of caution is not to stop all this wonderful community-minded thinking and action. Many people are putting into action what we would all hope is our core society ethos. My plea is on the basis that this is going to be a long haul by all accounts - the peak, we are told, may not be until June. So, those offering help right now may want to keep in mind that this is likely to be a time-commitment of months, if not longer. The up side to this is that we may forge real friendships and get to know people properly. The down side is that right now many people like me will be fine, and so will refuse or turn down offers of help. We are not ungrateful or rude (well maybe I am a bit grumpy), it is just that we are used to fending for ourselves and, to some extent, doing it ourselves.

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George Lamb

Disability Rights Activist, Edinburgh

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