Out of the Wreckage

  • Alex Callaghan


Alex Callaghan is a community worker whose writing engages with socio-political issues and advocates for progressive change.

You can’t take away someone’s story without giving them a new one - progressive visions exist, yet side-lined, latent in the doldrums
The drum beat of mainstream media readily unfurls humdrum morbid melodies, après nous, le déluge, a tedious mantra played out repeatedly
Machiavellian malevolence blatantly roaring into living rooms, linguistics cunningly orchestrated by the likes of the Murdoch mob under the banner Fox
Gloomy blurry auras fuel orthodoxy stating eco degradation is obfuscation

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Callaghan, A. (2020) “Out of the Wreckage”, Concept, 11(2), pp. 1-5. Available at: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/article/view/4464 (Accessed: 6December2021).