More letters from lockdown...Creative responses to Covid-19

  • Jane Meagher
  • Jo McFarlane
  • Rosie R Meade
Keywords: Responses, Covid-19


Covid 19: Dilemmas for a Developing country
Coming out of Dar es Salaam airport into a hot, humid night in October 2020, I was relieved to have taken off the mask I had compulsorily worn since I had left Edinburgh in the early hours of the morning. I had had my temperature checked when we landed and filled in a form to say where I would be staying. That was the end of any restrictions or checks, despite the fact that the world was in the middle of a pandemic which had claimed so many lives and destroyed livelihoods.

When I got back home to Edinburgh, people asked questions about Covid restrictions in Tanzania and were clearly surprised and even shocked to hear that there were none. Why would a country not protect its citizens from this disease? Why would its President encourage people to pray together in crowded churches? Why not impose lockdowns and restrictions for their safety?

Author Biographies

Jane Meagher

Former Community Education Worker, City of Edinburgh Council

Jo McFarlane

Activist Poet

Rosie R Meade

University College Cork

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