We Care: Perspectives on young carers in Edinburgh

  • Mel Aitken Edinburgh Young Carers
  • Mae Shaw University of Edinburgh
Keywords: Young Carers, identity conflicts


When discussing the Special Issue on care, I leapt at the chance to include a piece on young carers. Mae Shaw and I arranged interviews with colleagues at Edinburgh Young Carers in order to gain insight into their thoughts about young carers - the tensions and opportunities. Needless to say, what started as a simple exercise involving 3 questions evolved into a far more stimulating experience for us all. 

Author Biographies

Mel Aitken, Edinburgh Young Carers

5-9 Development Worker, Edinburgh Young Carers

Mae Shaw, University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

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Aitken, M. and Shaw, M. (2023) “We Care: Perspectives on young carers in Edinburgh”, Concept, 13(3), pp. 1-10. Available at: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/article/view/7950 (Accessed: 30May2023).