Review: The Stigma of Poverty: Challenges, Interventions and Possibilities 29 September 2016

Luke Campbell


The event was sponsored by Scottish Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie, co-organised by the University of Liverpool, University of Leeds, the Social Policy Association and Poverty Alliance, and featured academics and professionals from each of the organisations, as well as both Glasgow Caledonian University and NHS Health Scotland. Following a brief explanation of the event format from or chair for the night, the University of Leeds’ Dr Kim Allen, Patrick opened proceedings by informing us that he had sponsored the night’s proceedings and arranged to host the event at Holyrood as he feels it essential that the Scottish public have access to what should be rights by their building.  He stressed that it is only through public engagement alongside professionals, academics, and policymakers that Scotland can truly hope to make progress in challenging he root causes of and social stigma attached to poverty.

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ISSN 2042-6968 (Online)
ISSN 1359-1983 (Print)