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MacDonald, Margaret, Community Educator
Macfarlane, Janice, volunteer Literacies Worker Falkirk Council
MacKay, Sheila, Feminist and Nonviolent Activist
Mackie, Alan, CLD worker
Mackie, Alan, Doctoral Student, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.
MacLachlan, Euan, Recent graduate from BA(hons ) Community education, University of Edinburgh
MacLean, Kirsten, Community History Worker Oor Mad History CAPS Independent Advocacy Edinburgh 
Martin, Ian
Martin, Ian, Honorary felow
Massey, Doreen
Mayo, Marjorie, Emeritus Professor of Community Development at Goldsmiths University of London.
Mayo, Marjorie (United Kingdom)
Mayo, Peter, Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of MaltaLearning with Adults: The Role of Practice in the Formation of Adults
McAlpine, Robin, Director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation
McAree, Orlaith, MSc Student, Moray House, University of Edinburgh
McCabe, Lynn, Community Worker Edinburgh
McCabe, Lynn, City of Edinburgh Council
McCallum, Sheila, Retired
McConnell, Charlie
McCulloch, Ken, Queen Margaret University
McFarlane, Jo
McFarlane, Jo (United Kingdom)
McFarlane, Jo, Jo is a Community Education graduate and ‘mad poet’ who tries to change the world a little by showing that it is possible to be ‘strong at the broken places’. Here, she writes about the people and things that have inspired her work as a poet
McFarlane, Jo, Poet (United Kingdom)
McFarlane, Jo, Community activist

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