TEN Team

Transformative Engagement Network

  • Bernie Grummell
  • Moses Daura
  • Gabriel Chipeta Chipeta
  • Moses Daura
  • Martin Downes
  • Victor Kasulo
  • Idani Lichilo
  • Bennet F.A Mataya
  • Daniel L Mpolomoka
  • Conor Murphy
  • Joseph T. Mwale
  • Maggie Noone
  • David Sibalwa
  • Anne Ryan
  • Mavuto Tembo
  • Olusegun Yerokun
Keywords: political, cultural, psycho social


There is a growing realisation that to better understand and intervene in the interconnected political, cultural and psycho-social dynamics that constitute the contexts for these current global challenges requires transdisciplinary and intersectoral approaches; approaches that include and value diverse perspectives and pay particular attention to the perspectives and experiences of those who are the most vulnerable and those who are currently excluded from the knowledge creation processes. This article discusses the learning gained from an inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional project entitled Transformative Engagement Network (TEN).


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Grummell, B., Daura, M., Chipeta, G. C., Daura, M., Downes, M., Kasulo, V., Lichilo, I., Mataya, B., Mpolomoka, D., Murphy, C., Mwale, J., Noone, M., Sibalwa, D., Ryan, A., Tembo, M. and Yerokun, O. (2020) “TEN Team”, Concept, 11(1), pp. 1-11. Available at: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/article/view/4294 (Accessed: 30November2022).