The Benefits of Community- Based Adult Learning

  • Lyn Tett
Keywords: Community- Based Adult Learning, Research


This article aims to summarise research that demonstrates the positive impact of community- based adult learning (CBAL), especially in creating a more equitable education. The last decade has seen a considerable reduction in funding for CBAL internationally (Zhang & Perkins, 2022). One reason for this may be that its effectiveness as a way of reducing inequalities is not well-understood by policy makers (Webb et al., 2019). I hope that this short article may enable practitioners to provide evidence of the positive difference that participating in CBAL can make.

Author Biography

Lyn Tett

Professor Emerita, University of Edinburgh

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Tett, L. (2023) “The Benefits of Community- Based Adult Learning”, Concept, 14(1), pp. 1-10. Available at: (Accessed: 20May2024).