Men and Masculinity

A Philosophical Dialogue Approach

  • Robert Grant
Keywords: philosophical; dialogue;, Masculinity; community leaders


This article describes a project where philosophical dialogue was introduced to male community leaders to support them in a critical reflection on the meaning of masculinity. 

While it might seem unusual to apply an open-ended philosophical approach to a subject like masculinity, given its natural home in anthropological and sociological domains, this paper aims to show that the practice of philosophical dialogue provides a uniquely productive and fruitful way to engage men in discussion about masculinity.

Author Biography

Robert Grant

Rob Grant has a PhD in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), where he was an Irish Research Scholar. He has taught philosophy in Trinity, UCD, and other third-level institutions. He is a founder member of Philosophy Ireland and HearListen, a community-based philosophy project that brings philosophical dialogue into communities and schools. He has also published a philosophy book for children and has written and directed a documentary for RTE television about teaching philosophy in schools. Rob is also a musician.

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