Guid Fer A Laugh

A seriously fun look at Scottish comedy for those who take fun seriously

  • Lydia Markham Lifelong Learning Development Officer (Adult Learning), City of Edinburgh Council
  • Derek Suttie Freelance Adult Education Tutor specialising in Scottish Cultural Studies
Keywords: Laughter; comedy; new knowledge; discourse;, dialogue; comedy;


Guid Fer A Laugh has always sought to place itself as part of what Mikhail Bakhtin calls 'the open-ended dialogue that enters into the dialogic fabric of human life' (Morson & Emerson, 1990). It places a central value on the contributions of the
participants and the active discourse that they create. As Buber (1965) states '[it is only] when we meet in the narrow ridge of the between' that we discover for ourselves new discourse, new knowledge and truth. This ‘meeting in dialogue’, especially applies to laughter.

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