Crises Capitalism and Independence Doctrines

  • Gordon Asher Gordon is an educator/learner, activist and cultural worker based in Glasgow studying part-time for a PhD, and a co-editor of Variant magazine.
  • Leigh French Leigh is an artist/publisher, a co-editor of Variant magazine and currently undertaking a PhD-by-practice at Glasgow School of Art.


Much of leftist debate on ‘the Scottish question’ is perplexing, not to say frustrating. What could be an opportunity for dialogue is instead functioning as a process of closure, where independence is posited as ipso facto ‘progressive’. Such thinking serves to elide and co-opt struggles for social justice in ways that demand critical attention. This article aims to open up a critical dialogue on independence, self-determination and nation-building, and to re-focus these questions on participation as empowerment.

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Asher, G. and French, L. (2014) “Crises Capitalism and Independence Doctrines”, Concept, 5(1), p. 10. Available at: (Accessed: 9May2021).