Community education in times of Covid-19

  • Astrid von Kotze
Keywords: Community Education, South Africa, inequalities, women


There is an African proverb that says ‘a smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor’. We are currently on a very rough sea and it feels like we are in a rubber dinghy that bobs up and down – not unlike those small blow-up boats that refugees use, sustained by a hope for survival and arriving in a better world. The pandemic of Covid-19 has rocked the world – and while we created the conditions for its thriving, we were blind to the way we ravaged the earth paving the way for environmental, economic and human emergencies and a climate crisis from which we may not recover. There were many warning signs which we ignored, and as Mike Davis says, ‘the long-anticipated monster is finally at the door’, and global capitalism totally impotent in the face of this biological crisis.

Author Biography

Astrid von Kotze

Popular Educator Cape Town, South Africa

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