Being critical, creative and collective: Renewing radical Youth Work


  • Tony Taylor Activist


I’ve never thought of myself as a radical, but the other day I was accused of being one because I asked a question.”  Thus spoke a quizzical youth worker participating in a workshop, ‘Is there a history of radical youth work?’ at the 2007 History of Youth & Community Work Conference.  The lively discussion sparked by this cry of confusion moved me to ponder, exploring anew the possible character of radical youth work today.  Hoping not to patronise the worker’s bewilderment, I looked to argue that whilst questioning is vital, it is hardly the sufficient condition for being radical.  I flirted with writing a Draft Manifesto!  However it was not long before doubts set in, some serious, some self-indulgent.  Then I dithered as I heard myself caressing clichés and trotting out truisms as if it was still 1977 not 2007.




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